Essential Addons for Elementor review 2021 is it really worth it?

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Since launching in 2016, Elementor has grown into a favoured visual WordPress page builder plugins. Beyond its own list of stellar features, one of the things that makes Elementor so powerful is that they have opened it up so other developers can easily extend Elementor’s basic functionality. This is what Essential Addons for Elementor does – it adds 60+ new widgets that you can use in your Elementor designs.


The functionality of Elementor, in the free version, is broad but sometimes lacks flexibility. If you want to overcome this, Essential Addons for Elementor will make you happy.

Most popular addons for Elementor

It is one of the most popular addons for Elementor with over 100,000 active installations. Essential Addons for Elementor will enrich your page builder with nearly thirty additional widgets.

The latest grid items, the latest articles in timeline, call-to-action, creative buttons, the Flip Box, the filterable gallery, and more!

Style Options

If you have a Style Option or Design Option or Elements control option or are looking for customization options or styling options for your Theme Template or table of contents. This Essential Addon Plugin for Elementor is great for Elementor Page Building and also incorporating basic elements into hundreds of websites which are browser compatible .

Cross Browser Website Creation

It should be considered for your plugin Repository for Cross-Browser website creation. Use it and its Pre-Made Templates to create individual elements that make your site stand out above the rest.

Essential Addons For Elementer or indeed Essential Addons For Elementor pro can be considered the best Elementor add-on plugins you can use for your site with a bundle of widgets and design capability available for your use. There are a number of license options available and there should be one for your particular need from a single use license to an extended license and there is even an unlimited site option too . The support from the plugin maker is good with plenty of online demos and examples and Documentation links to help you when needed.


Essential Addons For Elementor

This WordPress plugin features a host of new Widgets for Elementor, completely free. If you want to get even more widgets, a paid version is available, but you can do a lot with the free widgets provided. If you are unsure, look at the Essential Addons for Elementor widget listing table below.

Also check out the  Demos in the video below to give you an idea of what it can do.

How do I install and use essential Elementor addons?

Download the Essential Addons for Elementor extension. To do this, go to your WordPress back office (administration panel) then in plugins> Add, via the side menu, on the left. see below for help

essential addons install instructions

essential addons install instructions

essential addons install instructions

Then search for “Essential Addons for Elementor”.

essential addons install instructions

 Activate the extension. by clicking the activate button

essential addons install instructions

Go to your added plugins via plugins> Installed extensions. and check that it has been installed

essential addons install instructions

 Settings. No settings are necessary for Essential Addons for Elementor to work on your website. That is it installed on your WordPress site. 

When you now edit pages or posts with Elementor the available essential addon elements will be available to you.



How to use Essential Addons for Elementor?

Now you have access to a list of additional widgets to allow you to further customize your pages. Open a page using Elementor page builder, find an Essential Addons for Elementor widget. These widgets can be integrated and personalized just like any other Elementor widget.graphic

Is Essential Addons for Elementor Free?

Yes,  there is a version of Essential Addons for Elementor that is free it is commonly  called Essential Addons for Elementor Lite.

Essentials Addons for Elementor lite

It is present on the official directory and offers 35 widgets for Elementor.

Again, many widgets will help you enhance your site. For example this addon offers 4 different styles for the presentation of the blog, as well as a timeline mode.

The contents can be put forward in boxes. But, for a more fun effect, you can use flip boxes. Flip boxes are, in fact, two-sided interactive boxes that come alive with the mouse over them and reveal second content.

The available effects are right, left, up or down flips or zooms. And then, if you like the news style, try tickers that scroll text like a ticker.

Textual Information Tabs

To provide better readability, you can opt for textual information tabs or a reading progress bar.

Another interesting widget is the filterable image gallery, which will allow you to display personalized content according to the visitor’s choice.

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It is visually configurable in various ways: tab system or search bar by name and filter by category. To do this, simply sort your images by assigning them separate categories or an identical name for a group of images.

If you sell products, WooCommerce modules are available. You will also find price tables and their details, a countdown, a counter and various buttons.


Essentials Addons Pro

The creative possibilities are endless with the free version of Elementor. The best effects are often the result of graphic research rather than technical prowess. Additional extensions open up more possibilities. The Premium Addons for Elementor templates take design very far and are full of ideas to pick up.

How much is Essential Addons Pro?

The price of Essentials Addons pro is $ 39.97 / year for a site, $ 99.97 / year for an unlimited number of sites or $ 249.97 for a lifetime license with unlimited activation .

essential addons for elementor prices

There are over 1000 templates if you use Templately with Essential Addons you can get stunning pre-made landing page templates & the ability to build complete website within few minutes.

In addition to the 35 free widgets, there are 29 pro widgets. So that’s over 60 additional widgets that cover just about all the needs of a complex website.

Want to personalize your content? No problem :

To get started, showcase your team, client logos, and testimonials in carousels. Then display your address with Google Maps. Finally, present your articles in blocks, in a simple list, in the form of a carousel, in a timeline or even in a gallery with filters and search.


What’s more, showcasing your WooCommerce products has not been forgotten. It is indeed possible to display them by category, type or color on any page.

Want your text to appear more attractive? First, pop information into tooltips or text separately from an image with one click. Or, make two different texts appear with a toggle button, or even off-page content.

Likewise, style your horizontal or vertical menu and integrate section navigation and dividers with an image, icon or text.


Or, view Instagram and Twitter feeds and even the newsletter signup form you created with Mailchimp.

Do you want more originality? Look to interactive 2-in-1 images, before / after images or even hotspots whose points of interest reveal content when hovering.

Essential addons to Elementor review.

What does it add?

Essential Addons for Elementor is one of Elementor’s most popular plugins. According to, it is active on over 200,000 sites, which is pretty impressive for an extension plugin and is therefore in my opinion an essential element you should consider installing in your wordpress site. Beyond that, it maintained a 4.8-star rating on over 550 reviews.


Free vs Premium Versions

The concept is simple: through its free and premium versions, it gives you access to over 60 new Elementor widgets divided into seven categories I’ll go through them below.

You can also use Essential Addons to enhance your website whether it be for Affiliate Links, a sticky header or to create a Parallax Effect or even its translation ready compatibility with the ever popular WordPress WPML Multilingual Translation Plugin.


It has many amazing widgets, why not use a feed widget to incorporate Facebook, instagram and twitter feeds to name a few. Essential addons for Elementor can even make your WordPress website restrict content by user role or password. How about an image hotspot it can even do that to.

The table below shows features that are available with Essential addons for Elementer , some of which are available on the Pro Version and some are available with the Lite Version. Also shown are some of the integrations that are available I have used the Advanced data table to create the table by importing a csv file with the data, which saved a lot of typing  

Post GridSmart Post ListCreative buttonsTwo-color headingAdvanced tabs To toggleList Reading the progress bar
Mega MenuFacebook FeedStatic product Team memberTestimonialsProtected contentContent protection
Sticky VideoInfo boxTeam member carouselTestimonial sliderTooltip OffcanvasDynamic content elements:
Login Register Form elementFlip boxCarousel logoAdvanced accordionAdvanced menu FeaturePost timeline
Post blockData tableWoo product collectionsCall to actionInteractive mapsImage hotspots
Smart mail listDynamic galleryAdvanced Google MapPrice menuNavigating a pageScroll image
Post carouselTicker contentMarketing Elements:Creative elements:Image comparisonCountdown Divider
Timeline contentWoo product gridPricing tableInteractive promoImage accordionFancy text
CounterProgress barForms of gravityNinja FormsInstagram feedCaldera shapes
Filterable galleryForm styler elements:Social elements:WeFormsExtensions (these extend existing widgets):WPForms
Lightbox and modalMailchimpTwitter feedFlip carouselContact form 7Twitter feed carousel
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The Table above was created easily with the Advanced Data Table element of Essential addons for Elementor

Favourite Elements

I cannot show you every new item because there are a lot of them, but I’ll highlight a few of my favorites…

There are tons of ways to display messages (or other types of messages) One of my favorite additions is all the different ways to display articles. You have a ton of options, with a grid, block, carousel, and even a content timeline. For each widget, you get a detailed query builder that lets you target specific items: Post Types (So you can use them with whatever custom post types you use.) Taxonomies Authors Etc.

Content Timeline widget

One of the more unique options here is the Content Timeline widget, which allows you to display your posts on a timeline. This widget also allows you to add your own static content.

Explore all the widgets for yourself With over 60 new widgets, there’s no way I could show you every one of them, and it would probably get a little boring. Needless to say, they work just like Elementor widgets and usually include a lot of options to let you customize them to your needs.

The difference between the equivalent Elementor widgets and the Essential Addons?

There doesn’t seem to be much difference between using regular Elementor widgets and Essential Addons widgets. While I haven’t tested all of the widgets, the difference was minimal between the equivalent Elementor widgets and the Essential Addons widgets. So based on playing around with things, I don’t think you need to worry about performance.

Ultimately Can Essential Addons for Elementor replace Elementor Pro?

The answer to this question depends on the intended use for Elementor Pro. It’s definitely not a replacement for Elementor Pro, but if you only want Elementor Pro for its new widgets, you might be able to make do with Essential Addons for Elementor.

However, you’ll miss out on a lot of useful features, including Elementor Pro Theme Builder and Popup Builder. For best results and a little extra cost , you can pair Essential Addons with Elementor Pro to give you the Ultimate Addons for Elementor and the essential addons for Elementer Pro.

Final thoughts

Final thoughts on must-have addons for Elementor If you’re using Elementor, Essential Addons is a great way to expand your library of available creative widgets without slowing down your site.

The amazing features and modular approach allows you to choose which premium widgets to activate, without automatically adding its code to each Elementor page. So this will not negatively affect your site’s performance.

You can play around with the free version to get a preview of the widgets; the Pro version also gives you a demo of each widget. For these reasons, the risk is quite low. You will know exactly what you are buying. If you like how widgets work, this will help you build better Elementor websites.

Some Comments from other Reviews on Essential addons for Elementor

1/ “No extra resources or messy codes to slow down your website. Optimized for super-fast loading and instant live editing. “

Essential Addons for Elementor

2/ “It’s an all-in-one solution where you can control every aspect of your design in one place”

Essential Addons for Elementor Review 2021: Is It the Best Elementor Addons Plugin?

3/ ” The plugin adds power to Elementor with easy-to-use and creative elements to help you craft stunning websites. “

Essential Addons for Elementor Review 2021: Is It the Best Elementor Addons Plugin?

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