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Automate your writing-Why as a blogger I love this Tool

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How to automate your Article Writing?

In this conversion.ai review . We answer the question . So, you’re looking for a way to automate your article writing and maximize productivity? Conversion.ai now renamed Jarvis.ai is the answer! You might be wondering why. but I’m sure that after reading this blog post you will know exactly why conversion.ai/jarvis.ai  is the best choice!

What is AI and how does it work?

AI is a form of software that enables your computer to do things without you having to tell it exactly how. It can analyze large amounts of data and make predictions based on the patterns found in those datasets. For example, AI may be used to predict housing prices or when flights are going out. What does this have to do with writing? Well, you can also use AI to write your blog posts for you.

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How to use AI tools for blogging

To use AI tools for blog posts you have to sign up for a service like conversion.ai (affiliate link) and use it to write your posts. This will save you time from having to do the work, but it is not just about saving time — if you choose AI tools as opposed to human writers they are much cheaper too! You can expect to pay anywhere between £25 to £35 per post using a human writer depending on where you source your writing, whereas you will pay about £0.02/word using AI tools.

You will also need to learn how to use the tools. AI tools are not perfect so you should still be present in the process. You can usually do this by selecting a handful of words to complete at a time and then approving or rejecting their work based on what has been written for that chunk before continuing with more chunks.

Different AI tools perform this task in different ways, so I’ll mention the interface of one for this blog post. Conversion.ai has a web-based editor that you can use on the internet. You’ll need a computer with internet access to use it. The editor is very user-friendly and provides you with all the tools needed to write your posts. 

conversion ai tool

Examples of 2 blogs that I have personally used artificial intelligence to generate content.

This blog post has been constructed using Conversion.ai in a very short time of approx 1.5 hours which is very impressive considering it would normally take this time for me to decide just the outline of a blog.

I have also written other blogs with AI software. The blog here about using canva for small business branding and marketing in 2021 was written using an alternative  AI Tool  but it took considerably longer to write than this one written with conversion.ai.

Common misconceptions about artificial intelligence in the blogging world

A common misconception about artificial intelligence when blogging is that it will take over your blog or that you will not be able to make changes.

This is simply untrue as conversion.ai will allow you to edit the content after it has been generated as do most AI Tools.

The best way to avoid these misconceptions would be by checking out the features on a variety of AI products and seeing which one suits

blog tools
Image by Arivle One from Pixabay

The benefits of using AI tools for blogging

Some of the benefits of using AI tools for blogging are that you can write blog posts at your own convenience. AI tools also give you more time to do other things, like work on your business and find new content for future blogs.

Another benefit of using an AI tool is that it won’t judge or criticize the quality of what you’re writing about when compared to a human editor.

AI tools will also ensure that your content is readable so, even if it’s not perfect, the person reading can still understand what you’re trying to say and won’t get bored with all the fancy words. Anyway, you will be able to adapt and amend the output before you publish the article to suit your particular audience, and intended reader.

In summary :-

-The blogger’s human readership will be able to read blog posts written with an AI tool, even if they’re not perfect

-AI tools do not judge or criticize what you write about in your content so that means there is no criticism from a third party.

-You will still be able to change and adapt the finished article to suit your particular audience.

Possible drawbacks of using an AI tool for your blog posts

Now we come to the drawbacks of using Artifical intelligence for your blog posts.

There are some disadvantages, but they will be worth it if you’re looking to scale your business and grow exponentially.

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One such disadvantage is that there might be a slight decrease in the quality of writing because the AI has limited vocabulary or understanding of grammar rules. It’s important to have an editor review the content before publishing

conversion ai logo

The main reasons to choose conversion.ai over other AI Tools

Some AI Tools available use natural language processing for its engine, so it will read your document and try to do things like understanding sentence structure or grammar rules

Conversion.ai also does this by using its own templates to look at what you write and then apply conversion rules to it. The end result, in my opinion, is that  conversion.ai will produce better content, with fewer errors and perhaps faster.

Another difference between the different AI Tools is the pricing plans available  – Some tools offer many plans including some free plans while Conversion.ai offers just two plans which I think is a far easier model when comparing the tools available.

The two current plans for Conversion.AI as of June 2021 are shown below.

Check this Affiliate link to see current pricing if your reading this blog in the future

Although most AI Tools  have advantageous editing features which are very useful for the busy writer, In my opinion, Conversion.ai offers this and a lot more

It can be used to make grammar corrections such as making a verb agree with its subject or even correcting your use of homophones

Another thing that makes conversion.ai different to some other AI Tools is its ability to easily create good SEO content

I have found that some AI Tools are great for making quick blog posts but if you’re looking to rank higher in google search results then Conversion.ai, I feel, has a definite advantage

The last difference that I want to highlight between different AI platforms is customer service differences, some tools might be limited at times with their helpdesk so it’s better to use a platform that provides a better customer support experience.

Conversion.ai customer support is easily contacted and they provide a quick response through instant chat or email.

What is my favorite feature template within Conversion.ai.

There are so many templates within Conversion.ai that its hard to choose a favorite, but that said I would have to say my favorite template is the Longform Assistant template only available on the Pro Version because it’s very easy and simple to use when you want quickly create a lengthy blog post.

The other thing that I like about this template is that its mobile responsive, so if your working on creating content for mobile devices then there are many templates within Conversion.ai that will suit your particular need .

Conversion.ai has been on the market for a number of years and is continually updating its features to make them better. The last feature on conversion.ai that was updated is the editing feature which now includes spell-checking and a special formatting tool to make the content stand out.

Conversion.ai also offers templates in order for people who are new to conversion or those that want to customize their site, but don’t know how to, can use it easily. By using these simple templates you can create your own blog posts without having to use any HTML.

Conversion.ai has a number of templates to choose from.

Conversion.ai offers templates for all types of content whether it be a blog post, e-book or even an article. Each template has different styles and layouts that you can choose from in order to get the perfect look for your site . This is especially helpful if you are new with conversion or website design as many times these type of templates are often complex and not user friendly however no need to worry with Conversion.ai there are over a dozen templates available.

With Conversion.ai, you can create your blog quickly and have it ready for use after a quick check over. The process is so simple that even someone who has never created a blog post before will be able to do this, on their first try. Conversion.ai also offers many templates, so there is no need to really worry about the layout and design of your blog.

What do you think? Blogging has never been easier with Conversion.ai!

4 Benefits of Conversion.ai 

  1. – Easy to use templates, great for beginners and professionals alike.
  2. – Blog posts are fully customizable with no need to worry about formatting or design skills.
  3. – The system is mobile-friendly so there’s never a time that your content won’t be available on any device!
  4. -You can create blogs quickly and easily without much experience as a blogger
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Here is a short video on the features of conversation.ai

My thoughts on use of Conversation.ai

I love this product because it is so easy to use and I am not the best writer. It has a template for anything that you need and is super fast which is great if you are on a deadline. What's even cooler about this product, is the Longform Assistant in the unlimited Pro Version; it makes creating articles such a breeze!

I also like that Conversion.ai is fairly easy to use and has many feature elements to choose from. Another favourite feature is the Content improver, because it helps me rewrite content for my readers to make it better. It can be used for Facebook ads, email copy, landing pages and more. I found this useful as I need help with writing high converting copy but don't have a lot of time on my hands (especially with so much work!).

Craig Galloway



To Conclude: If you’re looking for a way to make your article writing process more productive, consider investing in an AI tool. These programs can take the burden out of blog post-production by helping with formatting and SEO issues faster than most people would be able to do on their own. Plus, they are available 24/7 which means that you don’t have to worry about missing deadlines or burning out from editing late at night when all of your energy is gone.

I do recommend conversion.ai as my AI Tool of choice however you will go through the 20.000 word credits quickly if you produce lots of articles so I would recommend the Pro Version that allows you to create unlimited words and gives you access to the excellent Long Form Assistant. I used the Long Form Assistant to assist with the production of this blog. 

That said you can the link above to get a 5 day free trial with a 10,000 words credit, as an affiliate I may earn a small commission at no cost to yourself if you purchase a plan using the link.

What are your thoughts on AI tools?

Let me know in the comments below!

I am hoping to feature a video on conversion.ai on my Youtube channel on conversion.ai soon. Once I’ve added it I will put a link on this article.

If you would like to learn more about conversion.ai then click the link below. As an Affiliate for the product I may earn a commission for any purchase at no extra cost to you, see my affiliate declaration. if you do decide to purchase, thank you, this helps me to write more posts, to give you the results of my research on other really useful software that I  review.


By the way! the name of the AI is Jarvis, (see the featured image for the post.)  I know I’m going to be keeping Jarvis very busy writing my future blogs. Why don’t you too?

Here is a list of links to other AI Tools you might also consider. The table below shows costs based on a monthly plan. These prices can be less if purchase an annual plan. And also if a Free Plan /Trail is available.

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Other AI ToolsCosts/Plans AvailableComments
Copy AI Free trial then £49 /Month
Anyword Starter Plan £19 /Month
Copysmith Starter from $19 /Month
Contents Starts at £20 /Month
AI Writer Starts from $19 /Month
WritesonicFree Trail then starter from $11.60 /Month (at time of writing (60% Off)
QuillbotFree plan and premium plan is $14.95 /Month Really a Paraphraser or Rewriter /article -spinner
NichesssPlan $19 /Month
NeuralText Free Plan and starter plan $49 /Month
WordtuneFree Plan and also Premium at $24.99 /Month
Snazzy.aiFree Plan then starter Plan for $49 /Month
shortlyai $79 /Month-Note has just been taken over by conversion.ai 

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