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Best tools for entrepreneurs to stay ahead of the game

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The must-have marketing tools for any marketer or entrepreneur to stay ahead of the game

With marketing changes in the last few years there are an ever-increasing number of tools to use in your business. To make things easier, our blog post will discuss 12 must-have marketing tools for your business.

The First thing every entrepreneur  will need is a domain name and website . the recommended webhosts that gallowayapps.com recommends is Siteground and for the purchase of domain names we would  recommend namecheap

For the creation of images logos etc we would also recommend Canva.


This social media management tool can help you share and schedule content on your different accounts.The application offers a comprehensive dashboard that showcases all updates from the verified accounts and hashtags at one go, thereby completely eradicating the need to log into Facebook.

– Buffer:

This tool allows you to schedule posts across all of your social media accounts. such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. Stop wasting hours spread across different platforms and let Buffer do the bulk of your posting for you. Simply set up a posting schedule and Buffer will cover the rest.

– BuzzSumo: 

With this engine, you can get insights into how businesses and people are using specific hashtags.

-ThriveCart :

Is a shopping cart service for selling digital and physical products. Your store can grow to any size without trouble. Unlike other shopping cart software, it’s hosted and easy-to-use.

Setting up products with this software is straightforward and only requires minimal technical knowledge. Integrations with different tools like ConvertKit, Paypal, Facebook or Gmail can be established with ease. With Thrivecart Setting up checkout pages is also straightforward – it could take just a few hours to set everything up.

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is the only email marketing company that helps you easily integrate your WordPress website. They boast a network that provides amazing solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes, reaching millions of monthly visitors.A great feature is the ability to use a drag and drop editor that makes it easy to design high quality email campaigns with no hassle.

GetResponse helps the user to easily email all of their email subscribers with ease, which means they can save time and money. Automated email sequences are a powerful marketing tactic to stay in touch with your subscribers.

Send one-time email campaigns with updates and special offers.Sending triggered emails at different moments in the customer journey to increase engagement and sell them on more products is a tried-and-true approach for many businesses.

Jarvis.ai :

What would you do with a personal assistant who could write better content and articles in only minutes? Jarvis.ai is another must have marketing tool for someone who doesnt want to spend time writing copy for their website , With Jarvis by your side, you’ll be able to save time and create great content much more efficiently! With its ability to produce high-quality content in a fraction of the time it would take otherwise, it’s sure to be the perfect tool for any business.


The easiest way to create high converting landing pages is to make your target audience the hero. The more targeted your offer, the clearer it becomes. Your customers need to know why they should buy from you and how it will benefit them. Using Convertkit will assist you greatly in this task

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 Video marketing should not be underestimated! It’s an incredibly powerful channel, especially when it comes to educating potential customers and driving conversions. You can use Invideo to create all sorts of Video output for all your social media ads and video needs. It even has a text to video feature where you the software will convert text into a wonderfully rendered video with video clips and images added automatically . What to save time creating videos then this tool is a must for many entrepreneurs


With all the apps I need to use throughout the day, Zapier is a godsend. With hundreds of integrations available across a multitude of apps, automation has never been easier for tedious tasks.

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