Canva for Small Business Branding and Marketing 2021

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What is Canva?

Canva is a great graphic design program used by many people as a cheap, easy-to-use alternative to Adobe Photoshop or the Linux program GIMP. Both of these are big players in graphic design whether at cost or in the case of GIMP free

Canva comes in two versions Canva Free and Canva Pro and as such it serves different purposes for different people. Canva is best suited for those who need a program for graphic design skills whether it be for maps, social media posts, infographics and so much more.

It helps you not only spice up your social media content, but also design things like presentations, invitations, posters, brochures, and business cards. What really sets Canva apart is that it has a huge library of photo elements that users can integrate into their own designs. 

canva pro

Canva has an impressive selection of Tools !

It has an impressive collection of graphic design tools for Web and Android use too. It has a treasure trove of images that will make your design life much easier and more efficient. You can use Canva to create a whole range of different types of products, newsletters, and social media posts, and it’s very friendly for beginners to. 

Canva for Small Business Branding and Marketing

If you need professional design software then you can use Canva to create designs for small Business Branding and Marketing material for social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube, the tool has the right dimensions for these platforms so that you don’t have to look at numbers and sizes. Canva is already helping advertisers achieve great results using its many designs that can be used to great effect to promote businesses products successfully on their social media channels Canva is intended for non-designers with its much easier learning curve but has many functionalities similar as I said earlier to Adobe Photoshop, a professional program with over 10 million users.

A One-Stop Shop for Graphic Design Needs – No need to look elsewhere!

Canva can be your one-stop-shop for graphic design and wants to help you achieve the best results and return før the time and effort you have spent. In this sense, it is suitable for those who find premium alternatives a little daunting and difficult to learn.

Canva also makes it easy for you to upload your own images, logos, and videos to the website. If there are images of your brand or your own fonts that you would like to use, that Canva does not offer, you can upload them to use with the program.

In canva there is also fonts that are pre-designed so you can make them your own, you can change them to your brand colors, insert your image, change the font, resize the text and also add your logo if you want.

There are many popular Canva Pro Features

Out of the many features of Canva  my favorite and one of the best features of Canva to me is that you can even use Canva Pro to remove backgrounds from your images to make your designs look more professional.

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Is Canva Easy to Use?

Canva prides itself on being easy to use for anyone, whether or not they have experience in graphic design- With its templates and intuitive tools, it means you can create anything and make it so that it looks just right. Beginners and advanced designers can try their hand at stylish graphics by immersing themselves in canva. You can learn how to create great graphics by looking at our other videos on Canva or by reading our blogs on our sister website

Further Reading on Canva

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Photo by Anthony Shkraba from Pexels
Photo by Anthony Shkraba from Pexels

Canva for Experienced Design Professionals

Although Canva is an easy program to use and I’m sure you will pick it up easily, however experienced design professionals will benefit a lot from it too, Bloggers, self-publishers, small businesses, and more swear by Canva all the time because it is so intuitive to use. 

We all know finding the right stock photos can be a pain, but Canva offers a wide range of images that can be used in your designs

The Canva app also lets you quickly upload and use photos you took with your mobile phone. You can also save your images directly within the app to share on your social media pages.

Does Canva have Premium Images?

Canva Pro gives you unlimited access to millions of images, icons, and graphics in a premium collection that lets you publish designs to Canva as often as you want. Indeed It will take you a long time to look through and use every canva template, there are so many of them available with the Pro version. Plan designs and creates eye-catching social media posts in one place with the Canva editor. Work with your team members collaboratively so that when a team member adds a design and shows it to your team members, they can add comments collectively.

How many Users does Canva have?

According to CNBC in June 2020 Canva at that time was the most popular online graphic design software with over 30 million users and a valuation of then of $6 billion. It has probably risen more since then. It’s so easy to use and with thousands of wonderful, free and cheap images, as well as paid-for ones you can access with Canva Pro, it is no wonder it’s so popular

I like it so much I’ve subscribed to the Canva Pro Version of the software and use it for the majority of graphics used in my blogs and my website and I have also used it a number of times to make social media post graphic art too.

There are numerous impressive templates, design tools, fonts, and a sizeable no of images available. I also use Canva for creating thumbnails for my Youtube site.

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How do you sign up for Canva?

As an affiliate I earn a small commission, at no cost to yourself, if you decide to purchase after the free trial – This all helps me to continue to create content for you on the site. If you would like to sign up to Canva for free then Learn more about it here

If you do intend to follow the link it will be very much appreciated so thanks!

Canva for Business Use

If you have a business you can use Canva in your business every day in many parts of your business whether it’s used by your Office Admin manager, your advertising media team, or your social media manager. A business can use Canva’s easy-to-use functionality to create fast, dynamic, and high-quality graphics for your business or brand, readily with ease.

Understanding Canva

Understanding where Canva really shines should help you decide if it is right for you if you take the opportunity to try it for free using the link you should know by the end of the free period whether the software is a right fit for you. I’m sure you keep using it, as I did


In summary, it’s an excellent online graphics tool for unskilled users that is easy to use thanks to its intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Canva is a free online graphics tool that is easy to use and offers a wealth of templates to help you get there and upgrading to the Pro Version will open up a whole wealth of premium options for your designs. you can use shapes, fonts, images, and a number of different templates and elements to create stunning and designs to suit your project. Storing visual elements such as your brand identities on your account allows your team to design consistent material in a professional way having the ability to upload your own images and photos – makes it handy for web design and social templates including youtube artwork and elements.

As mentioned earlier , I use Canva a lot to design elements for my Youtube Channel .

If you would like to launch your own Youtube channel you might like to sign up for my guide on how to quickly launch a successful Youtube Channel .

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