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Kapwing is the easiest way to create an editable video on the web

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Kapwing -Edit video and create content online: a one-stop video editing platform

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Video is an important part of any company’s marketing strategy. It can be used to build a brand, promote products, and share information about the day-to-day operations of your business.

Kapwing is an online video editing platform that makes it easy for you to create professional videos without needing any expertise or expensive equipment.

They have all sorts of features that make creating a video quick and simple, from special effects to templates for different types of content like social media posts or ads.

In this blog post, we will explore some of the many ways Kapwing can help you edit videos and create content online!

1. What is Kapwing ?

Kapwing is a video editing platform that makes it easy for you to create professional videos without needing any expertise or expensive equipment.

kapwing video editor

Making a video with Kapwing is as simple as uploading an existing file opening it and then clicking the “edit” button on the right-hand side of your screen. The interface has dozens of different features like filters, effects, titles, templates, etc., making it easy for anyone to make high-quality content in minutes!

2. How to use Kapwing ?

To Use Kapwing you go to Kapwing.com and you start by signing up or logging in.

If you have a Kapwing account, then click on the “Tools”  in the menu and it will take you to the Tools screen where there is a list of different video projects for beginners, intermediate, advanced users and pro editors.

Choose one of the suggested Tools from the list or type in keywords into the search bar at the top right corner ie if you were looking to add effects to a video you could search for “add effects”  and it will take you to the suggested tools for doing this like the “Add Effects to Video Tool” or the “Video Editor Tool!

You can also just click on the Workspaces menu and then choose the New Content button and you will be taken to your “My Workspace ”  area where you can create a new project from scratch  by selecting “Start with a blank Canvas” which will give you access to the many features that Kapwing has to offer in a well laid out and easy to use interface and working area.

If your not sure where to start you can use some of the available elements and features to experiment with your designs.

For instance,  click on Videos from the right hand menu .

You will then be able to search for videos on different categories or by searching for a subject eg “trees” in the search box. 

A number of video resources with trees will be made available.

The videos come mainly from third part free to use sites,  like Pexels or Pixabay.

When you find one you like its just a matter of double clicking and the selected video will be added to the working area and your good to go .

Kapwing has many different video editing tools that allow you to edit your content however you want.

video editor

You can use these features individually from the menu.

You can even Undo and Redo with their own shortcuts on your keyboard making it easy to undo mistakes, That is, if you make any.

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3. Why you should use Kapwing ?

You should use Kapwing because it’s a one-stop video editing platform. and not only video but also other media as well like images , music including  animated text and memes.

It has many different features that allow you to edit your content however you want, and it also provides all the necessary tools in order to do so.

Like clip building, adding text or music from preloaded libraries , cropping images ,animation , you can also make adjustments to opacity, brightness, saturation and contrast to name a few.

The platform is free to use and has a library of high-quality royalty-free music tracks available for you to choose from so it’s easy to get started editing your video with Kapwing today.

The integration with YouTube makes it easy for anyone to publish their videos on Kapwing also has plugins that integrate with Google Drive, Unsplash, Google Photos. Giphy, Pixels, and Pixabay.

translate subtitles

As a Youtuber,  I also appreciate that Kapwing can be used to translate your video subtitles.

You don’t need to do the hard work of translating videos anymore with Kapwing.

Upload your video, and choose a language for subtitles in a just a few minutes!

Now you can engage an audience who speaks different languages from yours without actually learning their native tongue.

You probably know that many YouTube channels are bilingual or multilingual so they have content available in more than one language but not all creators speak two (or three) fluently – which is where Kapwing comes in handy.

It’s another of Kapwings features that is super easy to use.

4. The benefits of using Kapwing ?

The benefits that using Kapwing will bring with use, is that you can share your edited videos with anyone and it will be interactive.

You also have the ability to create much more than just videos.

You can for instance, create youtube thumbnails, remove backgrounds from images, and even backgrounds from videos using AI. an animated infographic.

Kapwing is a great way to edit your videos and create content online with the tools you need right at your fingertips, all in one place.

edit images

You also have the ability to remix your projects  with different effects, filters, and music tracks.

It is so easy that even someone with limited graphic design or video creation experience should be able to intuitively pick up how the features work.

Just some of the benefits of using Kapwing are that you can  :-

– Share your videos with friends and family.

– Edit clips in one place, without having to download anything. 

– Have a greater sense of accomplishment after you’re done editing your video.

– It’s free to use.  – You can make videos in minutes. 

– Be the star of your own show!

-The software is browser-based so can be used with many devices

-There is a large library of templates to choose from and the best part? It’s FREE!,

You can also upgrade to a paid subscription that provides more features and the ability to do more than the free version.

That said the free version, in my opinion, provides a start-up business or beginner with enough tools to start working with the features.

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However as they make more sales and expand their business the paid version should be worth consideration at only $20/£15 per month ( or $17/£12.50 monthly if paid annually) , it should not break the bank.

It is definitely not as complex as some other graphic design applications like photoshop or illustrator.

Pricing for Kapwing

At the time of writing  July 2021 the current pricing plans for Kapwing is as below:-

FREE PLAN- $0.00 £0.00PRO PLAN- $20/£15 monthly ($17/£12.50 month if paid annually)TEAM PLAN $20/£15 monthly ($17/£12.50 month if paid annually)
No watermarksNo watermarksAll Pro features
250MB file upload limit2GB file upload limitConsolidated billing
Export videos up to 7 minutes longExport videos up to 1 hour longUnlimited users
Publish up to 3 hours of video per monthEdit and store all contentPriority support
Edit and store content up to 2 days oldDownload SRT filesPurchase and provision unlimited licenses
Access to all toolsMake content private
Upload custom fonts
Access to all tools and premium features

5. How to sign up for a free account on Kapwing and start editing videos today!

To sign up for a free account on Kapwing you have to either sign in with your Google account or your Facebook account .

You will then have access to the free plan. You don’t need to sign in for the free plan to use the software, but if you do then anything you create won’t have a watermark added, whereas if you don’t sign in you will have a watermark on any project work created.

Once you sign up you can upgrade at any time to any of the other plans available.

6.Where can I sign up for Kapwing?

You can sign up for Kapwing at kapwing.com.


Kapwing is an easy-to-use video editing software that allows you to create and share short videos with your friends. The best part? It’s free!

If you’re not sure if this program will work for what you need, take a moment to review the benefits above and why it may be the perfect fit for your business.

Join in on the conversation below by leaving a comment about which feature of Kapwing appeals to you the most.


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