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My New Secret Cure for Shiny Object Syndrome (SOS)

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What is Shiny Object Syndrome?

Just a bit of advice on how I now avoid shiny object syndrome.

Shiny Object Syndrome is a condition that affects a person’s ability to focus their attention. It can happen to anyone, and it may either be a temporary or a chronic condition.

The first step in treating Shiny Object Syndrome is recognizing that you have it. The next step is identifying the causes of the syndrome and figuring out how to manage your time more effectively. Then you can set up systems for avoiding distractions and making sure you get work done on time every day. Finally, once you’ve completed these steps, focus on just one project at a time and don’t start any new ones until your current task has been completed.

How I Fixed it ?

When I see something that gets me excited and that I would like to use whether it be a new tool, PLR product, or training course. I set up a simple spreadsheet which I’ve called my SOS Spreadsheet with the following columns Date, Product, What it Does, What Problem it would solve for me.
I then have extra columns with – think again date ( at least 24 hours later than the Date Column. )
This gives me space to rethink and consider if there are other solutions that would do the same thing.
I have extra columns with Pros and Cons, one-headed Alternative products, and pros and cons again. another column is titled Ask Friends Opinion where I record their advice, and then a last column Decision Date.
Which has to be at least one week later than the original date recorded.
Once I get to the Decision Date I have a rule that I must have completed all other columns before I decide . Very often what was added by the time I do this it gets rejected and if I’m still convinced I will go ahead and purchase it after the week has gone by.
This spreadsheet then becomes 2 things it gives me a process to avoid shiny object syndrome. and secondly, I have a resource for showing the product pros and cons and alternatives for the product that I can use for blog posts or Youtube Channel Ideas.
E mail Marketing tools
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 Example of Use  of the SOS Spreadsheet 

For instance, a couple of weeks ago I was convinced that I would be going to use Convertkit for my email list and squeeze page builder but after undertaking the process above, I have now decided to Purchase Socrates for my page builder and default theme for my website ( revamps) and Moosend for my email list CRM where I was or thought I was convinced to use Convertkit.
Convertkit has the same subscriber limit on their free account but also has landing pages. My conclusion was I didn’t need landing pages as I would have Socrates for that and Moosend is cheaper if I decide to go to a paid plan.

Time will Tell !

However, time will tell Convertkit has been around longer than Moosend so I might be disappointed with my decision but at least it was my decision, not Shiny Object Syndrome (SOS) biting me. It was my Informed decision rather than just BUY it Now mentality.
Now I have to think about how I can avoid the shiny Object Offers that have limited time or countdowns ( that are less than a week ) but I’ll just ignore that and stick with my method.
If I miss something there will be another Shiny Object just around the corner to take its place.

You Bet there will!

How do You fight SOS?
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